Today's Events (Jun 19, 2024)

It's the final day before the Making Music album comes to an end! Don't miss out on completing your collection.

Monopoly Games Overview
As the Making Music album draws to a close, it’s time to get excited about what’s coming next. We’re excited to introduce the upcoming album: Monopoly Games. Insiders have already had an exclusive sneak peek at the new stickers, and now it’s time to share the excitement with everyone.

If you're still missing any last-minute stickers, use the Sticker Finder to locate matches and make those crucial last-minute trades. Get ready to dive into the exciting new album that's just around the corner!


Tournaments are brief, goal-oriented mini-events that offer rewards such as free dice, stickers, and more. While solo events focus on individual achievements, co-op events uniquely feature a leaderboard.
Rock And Roll (Leaderboard)
07:00PM EST

Special Events

Special events serve as temporary boosts designed to expedite your progress in the game, offering advantages that span from a few minutes to several hours.