Today's Events (Jun 17, 2024) - Golden Blitz + Peg-E Prize Drop
Next Golden Blitz: Rockstar! and Royal Box
Excitement continues to build in Monopoly GO! with another Golden Blitz event just around the corner. Insiders heard the news first previously, and now its time to announce it to everyone! If you haven’t yet experienced a Golden Blitz, now’s your chance to get in on the action. This special


Tournaments are brief, goal-oriented mini-events that offer rewards such as free dice, stickers, and more. While solo events focus on individual achievements, co-op events uniquely feature a leaderboard.
Mogul Of The Opera (Solo)
11:00AM EST
Karaoke Clash (Leaderboard)
02:00PM EST

Special Events

Special events serve as temporary boosts designed to expedite your progress in the game, offering advantages that span from a few minutes to several hours.