Today's Events (Jul 02, 2024)
Giveaway: Underdogs, Victory Podium, and Woodland Winners
We’re kicking off this album with a bang and helping you score some of the most coveted stickers! We’ve gathered a few extras of the top stickers and are excited to announce our first giveaway for the Monopoly Games album. This giveaway is open to both our members and Insiders.


Tournaments are brief, goal-oriented mini-events that offer rewards such as free dice, stickers, and more. While solo events focus on individual achievements, co-op events uniquely feature a leaderboard.
Slice And Dice (Leaderboard)
04:00PM EST
Chefs Journey (Solo)
04:00PM EST

Special Events

Special events serve as temporary boosts designed to expedite your progress in the game, offering advantages that span from a few minutes to several hours.