Monopoly Go: Best 7 Tips And Tricks For Beginners

7 Monopoly Go Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Gather 5 Friends

To unlock the Community Chest, you need five friends. Add either friends or random players to gain access to this feature sooner. Once you’ve assembled a sufficient group, simply land on the specified Tiles to start banking money. Once you’re happy with the amount accumulated in the Chest, you can open it to collect money and stickers.

Join Discord Channel Of Monopoly Go

Discord giveaways can be quite rewarding. By joining the official server, you’ll have access to free Dice Links and prizes in the #giveaway channel. Additionally, it’s a great place to connect with Sticker traders, enabling you to swap cards and complete your Albums

Apply the Dice Multiplier Using the 6-7-8 Rule

Use Dice Multipliers when you’re six, seven, or eight Tiles away from your target. These numbers—six, seven, and eight—are the most common dice rolls. Therefore, it’s strategic to use extra rolls with Dice Multipliers on these counts.

Bonus tip: Crossing the Go Tile with a Multiplier will earn you extra cash.

Remember to Claim Your Gift Every 8 Hours

The in-game store offers gifts every eight hours. Set a reminder to ensure you check back promptly to collect up to four daily reward bundles. These bundles can include Free Dice, Stickers, and Cash.

Delay Constructing Landmarks

Delay finishing your boards. Start by gathering enough money to upgrade all Landmarks. Next, build and upgrade as many structures as you can before exiting the game. If cash is tight, focus on upgrading just one Landmark before progressing to the next. (Postponing Landmark upgrades helps prevent Shutdowns.)

Set Up Your Dice Link Early

Your dice link offers a passive method for acquiring free rolls. Navigate to the Friends section to generate your dice link. Share this link with friends who haven’t yet installed the game, encouraging them to download it via your link. This strategy can yield significant rewards, including rare Stickers and hundreds of Dice Rolls.

Select Your Opponents Wisely

Change your Shutdown target. Retaliate against players who have attacked you or target friends who are without Shields. This strategy allows you to maximize the money you extract from your attempts.