Monopoly Go: How To Send Stars To Your Friends

Monopoly GO! has brought a plethora of innovative and engaging elements to the classic game, thanks to its captivating multiplayer feature. While the game primarily emphasizes competitive play, it also offers various ways for players to collaborate with fellow tycoons in their journey towards global supremacy. Engaging in activities like raiding your friends’ banks or demolishing their landmarks may be part of the game, but you can also show a gesture of goodwill. Why not send them stars and stickers as a peace offering? A cute dog sticker or assisting them in unlocking a treasure-laden safe can be a whimsical way to apologize. It’s a lighthearted approach that might ease your conscience for the next time you plan a strategic heist against them.

Understanding Stars in Monopoly GO!

In Monopoly GO!, stars are a crucial gameplay element that enables players to unlock various rewards. Players earn stars by collecting duplicate sticker rewards from different in-game tasks and events. This feature falls under the ‘Stickers for Rewards’ system. Here, players can trade their accumulated stars for safes, which come in various rarities and contain items like dice rolls, cash, and more stickers. Remember, each sticker is valued between one to five stars. When you receive a duplicate sticker, it automatically converts into stars based on its value. For instance, a duplicate sticker worth five stars will contribute five stars to your ‘Stickers for Rewards’ tally.

How to Send Stars To Friends

Sharing stars in Monopoly GO! involves sending stickers to friends. Since stars are linked to duplicate stickers, it’s important that your friend already possesses at least one copy of the sticker you wish to send. Without this prerequisite, they’ll receive only the sticker without any stars.
To send duplicate stickers to a friend, just follow these simple steps:
1. Click on the album icon located at the bottom of the screen, next to the GO button.
2. Choose a sticker collection where you have duplicates.
3. Identify the duplicate sticker, marked by a tag showing a plus sign and the number of duplicates.
4. Click on the sticker to bring up a detailed view, then select ‘Send to Friend’ at the bottom.
5. Pick a friend from your list and click continue.
6. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Confirm by tapping ‘Send’.
7. Once done, your friend will find the sticker in their game upon next login.
By understanding and utilizing these features, players can enhance their gaming experience in Monopoly GO!, balancing the thrill of competition with the joy of collaboration.